2018 Toyota Prius test drive in Singapore

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2018 Toyota Prius test drive in Singapore

You have actually read our drive report from the Fuji Speedway in Japan. Exactly what’s it truly like to own the brand-new Toyota Prius here in Singapore?

We lastly got to learn for ourselves, after 4 days with the cars and truck here. Throughout that time we handled congested rural roadways, choked rush-hour traffic, free-flowing expressways … almost all the scenarios the common driver here deals with.

The vehicle itself is an improvement of the principle that Toyota took into location with the 1997 original: get some electrical motors to partner with a gas engine, and power them with a battery that is topped up by regenerative braking (i.e., one that never ever has to be charged by an electrical outlet).

You’ll provide the engine a simple life and conserve plenty of fuel in the procedure if you do that. That’s the theory, anyhow. When it comes to reality, here’s exactly what we discovered after some severe bonding time with Toyota’s petrol-electric marvel.

We have actually constantly liked Priuses (in fact, the very first one was a little bit of a loser to own, with definitely no guiding feel), however this fourth-gen design feels additional unique.

The cabin appears like absolutely nothing else from Toyota, so straightaway you understand you’re owning a various sort of cars and truck.

The centrally-located screens and the glossy white centre console are all part of a welcoming, premium visual that settles you in warmly. The seats have actually been revamped and truly use all-day convenience, at least up front.

The Prius might be precious by tree-hugging Hollywood A-listers, however here, nobody bats an eyelid. Even our test cars and truck’s striking “Emotional Red” paintwork cannot turn heads.

That remains in spite of the automobile’s uncommon appearances, too. Toyota states the Prius has a “dolphin” shape– cannot state we see it, truly– and the body’s mild swoops and curves recommend that it’s been thoroughly shaped in the wind tunnel, however if absolutely nothing else, how do you not gaze and stop at the uncommon rear lights?

toyota prius in singapore

Singaporeans should be a seasoned lot.

Extremely little about the brand-new Prius feels standard. The brand-new cars and truck has intense, clear display screens that look right out of Star Trek.

star trek

The lower screen is an LED touchscreen primarily for the home entertainment system, while above them are the screens for owning information. You manage that with buttons on the guiding wheel, which you can utilize to work the stereo and air-con.

toyota prius singapore 2017 cost

It’s in fact relatively complicated at initially, since there’s simply so much information to grapple with: exactly what’s your existing intake? Is the vehicle running in EV mode?

toyota prius fuel intake singapore

When you master it, however, it’s a pleasure to see all that information flash up within your reaches.

Let’s face it, owning in Singapore can be uninteresting. You cannot speed (and should not, anyhow), and there are barely any corners to deal with. The Prius has actually handled to game-ify a lot of it.

You might look at your fuel intake for an offered journey, of course, however there’s more. That informs you how much of the time the Prius functions in zero-emissions, battery-only mode.

On the flipside, it lets you understand what does it cost? the gas engine gets to sleep. Incredibly, we might regularly get 60 to 70 percent, suggesting the fuel engine lies inactive for most of the time.

Other “video gaming” ratings worth tracking: just how much loan the Prius’ fuel-sipping capabilities are conserving you (versus your old cars and truck), what your fuel intake resembles on an everyday basis, and exactly what your eco-driving rating resembles (from 100).

You understand how much of a buzz it can be to keep rating if you use a Fitbit and feel that rise of pride whenever your action count strikes 10,000.

Nobody purchases a Prius to hoon through bends, however this design is in fact up for a little naughty enjoyable if you are. There’s little slop in the steering, and it feels steady in a low-centre-of-gravity sort of method.

toyota prius singapore

The rear suspension, in specific, feels less crashy over bumps than in the previous design.

The Prius is developed on the TNGA platform, which is going to underpin basically all Toyota’s future automobiles. Bodes well for Toyota’s future, then.

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The last Prius was a peaceful automobile. Take that and things cotton wool in your ears, and you have some concept of exactly what the brand-new one resembles.

Electric drive is peaceful by nature, of course, however extremely typically we discovered ourselves having to look at the display screen to inform if the engine was running. And it does not truly fire up like other engines do.

toyota prius 2017 singapore

The Prius’ typical fuel usage is expected to be 3.7 L/100km. Carmakers’ mileage claims can appear a little like the whispered pledges of a painted female, however Toyota does not appear to be the fibbing kind.

With a little bit of cautious effort, we notched up 3.6 L/100km on our very first 2 days with the cars and truck. Utilizing the vivacious “Power” owning mode for a while on Day 3 led to an even worse rating (3.9 L/100km) and a day of photography actually messed things up with 4.1 L/100km. When we returned the Prius, the display screen checked out 3.7 L/100km.

toyota prius fuel usage
The bottom line is, if you attempt decently hard, you’ll have the ability to accomplish exactly what Toyota states the Prius can do. As well as if you pack around, things will not be devastating. 4.1 L/100km exercises to 24.4 km/L, which is still much better than some motorbikes.

That dolphin shape implies the roofline consumes into rear headroom. And the boot is perfectly formed and has a large opening, however it’s quite shallow. Since the battery lives behind the rear seats, that’s most likely.

brand-new toyota prius singapore evaluation

More than a number of us were heard to utter “If I had the cash, I ‘d purchase one” after owning the Prius.

There aren’t that numerous automobiles that in fact generate that reaction, though of course the Prius is not without defects– you anticipate more devices like GPS navigation and electrical front seats for the loan.

It owns perfectly and is as peaceful as a Rolls-Royce, while supplying a worthwhile obstacle each time you climb up behind the wheel: offered the traffic conditions you have to browse, how well can you get the finest of the creative engineering beneath the cars and truck’s skin?

Stepping up to that job produced a distinct sort of enjoyable that other cars and trucks aren’t able to duplicate.

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The Toyota thrills with its cleverness, too. The number of cars and trucks do you understand can determine that there’s just one individual in the cabin, and change the air-con appropriately to avoid squandering energy?

Little touches like that and the advanced drivetrain suggest that above all, the brand-new Prius seems like the future, with a depth that exceeds its trendy screens.

Lots of individuals appear to concur, due to the fact that around the world need has actually inconvenienced to obtain your hands on a Prius now. Although the automobile has actually been introduced here, Singapore is offered out for around half a year. To obtain a piece of tomorrow, simply puts, you’re going to need to wait a couple of months.

HAD TO KNOW Toyota Prius 1.8 L.
Engine 1,797 cc, 16v, inline 4.
Power 97hp at 5,200 rpm.
Torque 142Nm at 3,600 rpm.
Electric Motor 71hp.
Battery Nickel metal-hydride, 1.31 kWh.
System Power 120hp at 5,200 rpm.
Transmission CVT.
Leading Speed 180km/h.
0-100km/ h 10.8 (approximated).
Fuel performance 3.7 L/100km.
CO2 87g/km.

2018 Toyota Prius test drive in Singapore