Toyota VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) guide in 2017

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Toyota VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) guide in 2017

The Automobile Recognition Number (VIN) is your lorry’s legal identifier, and is used to your automobile at the minute it gets in production.

Each VIN number is distinct, and is typically a 17 character code comprised of numbers and letters, and exposes essential information about your car.

As consisting of info on the time and location of your vehicle’s production, it likewise consists of info about the cars and truck’s spec and style.

Presented in 1954, VIN numbers are a crucial part in identifying the history and identity of a car– especially when integrated with the cars and truck’s DVLA license plate and V5 or V5C files.

While license plates can be altered, or customised, the vehicle’s VIN number stays the same, and is finest idea of as the main recognition number for your Toyota.

In the majority of modern-day Toyota vehicles, consisting of the Aygo and British constructed Auris and Avensis you’ll discover the VIN number referenced on a tamper evidence sticker label situated simply inside the shut line of the front left hand (guest side) door.

Earlier designs might have a metal plate, rather of a sticker label.

The VIN number is duplicated on the lorries chassis, and is marked into the metal flooring of the automobile, under the right-hand man front seat.

It’s generally noticeable through a little flap, intentionally cut into the car’s carpet.

Naturally, there are some essential exceptions to the guideline …

These consist of the four-door Hilux pick-up– where the tamper evidence sticker label is to be discovered installed simply inside the left rear door, and the five-door Aygo– where it is likewise installed simply inside the left rear door.

Translating your VIN number is basic.

There are exceptions to the guideline, the very first 3 digits generally refer to the nation of manufacture, the lorry maker and the lorry type.

If you examine the very first letter of the code, you’ll see J recommendations Japan, S referrals England, while V recognizes France. Turkey gets an N, while Thailand and South Africa (where a few of our Hilux cars are produced) get an a or an m.

The 2nd letter is typically T, which explains Toyota, the 3rd explains which group of vehicles (or in some cases which chassis type) the lorry rests on.

The next 6 numbers reference the vehicle’s bodystyle and engine and transmission, while the staying 8 are mix distinct to the automobile, noting the year the vehicle was made, the factory it was produced in and where it can be found in the production procedure.

Toyota VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) guide in 2017