toyota corolla manual transmission fluid type

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toyota corolla manual transmission fluid type

In the constantly evolving automotive industry, customers continually demand superior and superior performance standards from engine manufacturers. The customer’s flagship with brands and brand orientation has obviously increased, allowing more customers to apply for a branded product.

Realizing the need created in the market Toyota Lanka, a pioneer in the automotive industry, has integrated lubricants into their diverse products in the automotive lineup and is Sri Lanka’s first have introduced automotive lubricants into the local market.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oils is designed to maintain Toyota’s performance at maximum performance under the most challenging conditions. The oils are formulated to provide excellent protection against engine wear, engine cleanliness and maximum performance between recommended service intervals.

They also work efficiently at extremely high and low temperatures, offering a low temperature level at low temperature. This highly refined oil features new technologies designed to provide protection against wear, corrosion and engine damage.

cvt softer calder better fc .. but slower pickup n can not abuse too much … if taken care of, will serve you long … anyway axio is an excellent car for non-chiongster .. those whack whack, 1 year your gearbox truck … Axio only PI … only comes with CVT tranny. I run CVT. Have you noticed that IPs are disappearing? Go AD for service and long-term backup. I share this because mine is PI. The dealer took my turn for $ 515 S. The mileage is poorly represented, I handed the car with a mileage of 62,300 + km.

I left all my goodies in the car when I sold it as promised to the dealer. You get: 1) DVD / MP3 / TV / Radio / GPS / rear view camera touch screen2) Soundproofing to rear wing of four wheels, firewall and whole floor3) Stabilizer (D1spec4) 5-point grounding5) Hood insulation6) Fog lights7) Illuminated Threshold plates8) Side mirror indicators9) Fuel magnets on fuel line10) Front top motor11) Boot blue light blue12) Blind corner mirror on the side mirror13) Pretty 15 inches sporty edge14) Relatively new tires, made 10,000 km, but not very good in case of rain15) Windscreen treated with Nissan Magic Windshield16) LTA compliant colorant all around17) Soxxi alarm without alarm key18) RPMS service every 10 km km with 5W30 cc, major repairs to 40 km.

At 60k km, assume changing the A / C belts, so a new owner do not forget to change it. All manuals were handed to the dealer. The battery of the MF car is 1.5 years old, take note. The whole coat of fresh paint of the car, at least three layers thick. Good license plate but 4D never show the correct sequence b4. 100% without accident. If you get it, you can get the story of me. Make sure to be a trouble-free car that has served me well for three years and two months. The worst can happen to the PI car is the availability of

toyota corolla manual transmission fluid type