toyota corolla manual transmission problems

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toyota corolla manual transmission problems

The owners of Toyota Corolla reported 15 problems related to the manual transmission (under the category of the electric trains). The manual transmission must be rebuilt due to a bearing failure (input shaft). See all the problems of Toyota Corolla 2003. 140,000 km on board and manual transmission went on my 2003 Corolla. The contact owns a 2008 Toyota Corolla.

The contact was driving about 20 mph when it encountered a set of railway tracks. After traveling twenty feet on the trails, the vehicle would no longer move into any selected equipment and did not respond to attempts to accelerate contacts. The vehicle was towed to the dealership and repaired.

The VIN was not available. The mileage of failure was about 62,000. See all the problems of Toyota Corolla 2008. I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla which is part of the recall / installation of the reinforcement bar of the Accelerator pedal. I noticed another problem that seems to involve the accelerator. This vehicle has a 5-speed manual transmission. The problem occurs in both 3rd and 4th gear.

This problem is not coherent, which means it is not always noticed every time I drive, I would say it occurs at least 50% of the time. Problem: I try to maintain a constant speed, for example in 3rd gear at 30 mph, the vehicle feels as if it wanted to accelerate, then I withdraw some pressure from the accelerator, then the vehicle slowed down by shortness, I try to accelerate and the vehicle resumes, the result is that I can not maintain a constant speed.

Road conditions are not important, flat, hilly, bumpy, smooth, humid, 30 mph, 31 mph, 32 km / h, and so on. I can not maintain a constant speed in 3rd and 4th gear. I am not sure of an approximate date, it has arrived several times since I bought the vehicle in August 2009. I will simply enter a random date below.

See all the problems of Toyota Corolla 2010. Toyota Corolla 2006 had a transmission replaced at 55,000 km was a grinding mechanism, I moved down, all equipment Was good now, the rebuild transmission that Toyota has put in the car is now at 65,000 km and I have the same problem.

See all the problems of Toyota Corolla 2006. 2003 Toyota Corolla. The consumer writes on the filing of a complaint with Toyota for the merging of the headlights and the complete assembly to be replaced. The consumer stated that the driver and the passenger side door would not unlock when it tried to use the remote control.

The dealer had to disassemble the door panel and install a new locking device. The transmission had to be replaced because of a defective work on the part of Toyota. The headlights of the driver and passengers continued to go out, until finally the consumer had to pay for the complete electrical part of the headlights to be replaced.

toyota corolla manual transmission problems