toyota highlander body side molding

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toyota highlander body side molding

In order to verify that you are a human robot and not a spam, enter the answer in the following area below according to the instructions contained in the table. The moldings were an exact fit and a color match to the car.

As with most add-ons, this involves a significant amount of preparation and attention to detail to ensure a good result. The instructions were very good however, and everything went well. I took my time, and it took about an hour.

Some basic elements should be on the body side moldings and the mud flaps that none of these cars possessed. I install them now to protect the car … Super family car lots of room and large chest. You can not go wrong for the first two years of maintenance, all covered by Toyota. Shop and take your time to buy late the month where – as sellers want to meet quotas for the bonus.

The color-coordinated body-side moldings protect against unwanted door swings, racing carts and other parking accidents while adding an extra exterior styling © commentary. COLOR: Shoreline Blue PearlCOLOR CODE: 08V5FINISH: PaintedLOCATION: Interior Door NUMBER OF DOORS: 4 NUMBER OF PIECES: 4 Choose your model to confirm the assembly. 54 matches possible.

The lateral moldings self-adhesive paints protect your car from the scratches and ridges of the door while adding a more sophisticated look than traditional molding. No hassle. All-weather floor mats can protect your Highlander from all kinds of dirt and damage. The flexible, weather-resistant material is both durable and easy to clean. Get carpets for your front, rear and 3rd row seats. Mats have a Highlander logo embossed and come in black.

If your Highlander misses the side moldings, this could damage the sides. The side moldings also give the Highlander a brighter appearance, so invest in a set if yours is missing or is damaged. They are suitable for colors and sold as a set of

toyota highlander body side molding