toyota prius headlight replacement

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toyota prius headlight replacement

toyota prius headlight replacement – Some Prius models will require that you remove the cover on the fuse panel cover, as well as a plastic air vent to access the headlight. If necessary, remove debris that may obstruct access to the bulb and harness before disconnecting and removing the bulb by twisting or deflecting the retaining clips. Step 3: Remove the headlight bulb. Our services are backed by a 12-month warranty and 12,000 miles for your peace of mind. If your Prius is equipped with H.D. Our best-rated mechanics bring all your parts and tools to your site. Once you can reach the area behind the driver’s side headlamp, gently disconnect the electrical connector from the bulb and remove the bulb.

This will allow for more room when removing and installing the headlight bulb. Search online or check your user manual for the exact type of bulb with which your Prius is equipped.

Step 1: Clear the area behind the passenger side lighthouse. Monitor services, save quotes, get maintenance reminders and more.D) with a traditional halogen. We will guide you towards the right service or repair. It is important to identify which bulb specifies your Prius. Here’s a side-to-side comparison. If one or both of the headlights are not working, make sure that the electronic connectors are properly connected and are not loose.

Step 2: Clear the area behind the driver’s front light bulb.

Step 3: Install the new headlight bulb. The technologically advanced copper fabric heat sink and smaller components for installation in tight spaces. Gently disconnect the wiring harness from the projector and remove the bulb. Fast and free online quotes for your auto repair. Nylon tower at high temperature. bulbs, a plastic dust liner must be removed before the connector is reached and the bulb has acceded. Remove all components, such as linings, ducts or fluid reservoirs, if they obstruct your access to the bulb.

Step 4: Remove the front passenger bulb. If your Prius is equipped with halogen bulbs, removing them will be a simple way to remove the metal clips by pressing them to release the bulb or simply by twisting the bulb off of its plug, depending on the style of the bulb. Different model years will be equipped with different bulbs and the high and low beams will vary. Most plastic components of the vehicle, such as trim and ducting, are held with plastic retaining clips that must only be removed by a small flat head screwdriver. Remove all components obstructing access to the back of the headlight.

Subsequent model years will even offer several options for the headlight bulbs the same year, offering a high-discharge bulb (H. Choose from more than 600 repair, maintenance and diagnostic services. Our Mobile certified Echanics makes phone calls to more than 2,000 US cities. Step 4: Install the new headlight bulb. Compare theseP270004 to these related products Nite-Lux Headlight Upgrade Kit – Halogen LED – 360 Degree – H4 – White – 2 Bulbs The Cree LEDs offer 2,500 lumens of white light and a long life life of 50,000 hours.600 + Repair, maintenance and diagnostic services at your doorstep.

Use our easy diagnostic tool. For the most part, replacing the fixtures on Toyota Prius is a simple procedure that requires very few tools. Remove all components obstructing access to the backside of the passenger side lighthouse. Today, on this 2009 Toyota Prius, we are re-installing the Putco Nite-Lux projector upgrade kit, part number P270004. Connect your new bulb, making sure it is properly aligned and secured. Step 1: Identify and get the correct bulb for your Prius. Be sure to align the bulb in the socket and make sure it is secured.

However, if you do not feel comfortable doing the above steps, your professional mechanic, such as YourMechanic, can come to your home or workplace to replace your light bulbs for you At a reasonable price. Check labor costs and spare parts in advance so that you can reserve with confidence.I. Anti-flickering package sold separately.

toyota prius headlight replacement