toyota prius touch up paint

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toyota prius touch up paint

toyota prius touch up paint – Our Paint Touch Up Kit components are exclusively lectionnà stay © © s © s and formulated for the perfect use of the original painting of your Toyota.

The Prius Touch paint code for the color of your car is on the sticker. Unlike other car manufacturers, Toyota has been kind enough over the years to always place information about the parts at the same location. If you do not see it on the inner jam, then it has been removed. If you need help, use this link to see exactly what we call.

The interdisciplinary combination of new generic formulations of ecological pigments and the patented clearNecorrect solution ensures that the applied surface is returned to resist the elements and lasts for a long time without any negative impact on the environment of other retouching games in the market. We all know at what point color matching is important in terms of performance, so that the color matching is the cornerstone of our new gà © nà © ration of paint and auxiliary training.

There is no reason why your retouched paint is expensive and does not harm the environment. You do not have to compromise the quality to send you back and buy another retouched paint kit a few months later for your car to be new. If you can not find the color of your vehicle, fill in the gaps below to continue. You can find the color code of your vehicle through the labels on the points marked on the following image.

There seems to be a problem to complete the demand right now. PaintScratch sells Toyota Prius paint retouches for the years shown in the table. Click on your Toyota Prius year to see the available paint colors. For small Prius scratches, the paint pen works well. For Toyota Prius scratches and slightly larger chips, a brush bottle is the best. For larger paint repairs, a Toyota Prius inkjet paint will offer the best results.

You mainly need three simple informationElements of your Prius. Most people will know this information on their car: 1. Make of the car: Toyota2. Model of the car: Prius3. Year of the car In this example, your next step is to take the color code of your Prius to confirm that you have selected the correct paint color. There is a part identification sticker in the driver’s side door inside door in your Prius.

toyota prius touch up paint