How to Get Toyota GPS Updates Through a DVD?

How to Get Toyota GPS Updates Through a DVD?

The in-built navigation system in the Toyota cars is one of the best features as we do not waste money on purchasing a new navigation device for traveling. Travelling really becomes easy if you do have a navigation system. But, it is also important to get the latest version of the GPS system so that your device works properly and accurately. The maps on your navigation system get updated frequently and the navigation devices do not. Hence it does not show any progress made on the roads or you do not get the right traffic details. So, it is important that you updates Toyota GPS time and again to access your maps properly. Follow the steps provided below in the blog to get Toyota GPS updates. Also, note that to update the database in your navigation system will require a self-installed DVD to manually do it otherwise you can also contact your dealer. To manually do the Toyota GPS updates follow the steps mentioned below in the blog!

Steps to update the navigation database system

  • Keep the model number, year, package details and other things handy.
  • You have to now confirm the model number and the version of the navigation device which you’re using.
  • To find this info, go to the Toyota GPS map system, and then click on “menu” button and then on “DVD”.
  • These DVD’s are installed in your vehicle on the back seat of your car, under the seat or behind the radio.
  • Now you are required to do the self-installation which will require light disassembly work.
  • Do the self-installation according to your model.
  • Also, note that before you carry out the self-installation process of the DVD, take out the battery.
  • After you have installed the new DVD, do keep the old DVD with you for emergency cases.
  • But if the in-built navigation device uses a hard drive instead of a DVD, do not try to update it manually and contact your nearest dealer.

So if you also do not know how to Toyota GPS updates then you must follow the step guide to get the Toyota GPS updates.

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