How to Navigation Toyota Map Updates

How to Navigation Toyota Map Updates

There are different reasons for owning a GPS device that too inbuilt. Nowadays car companies also understand the urgent need for the GPS devices and what importance it holds in user’s lives. That is why Toyota provides an inbuilt feature of navigation and its users do not need to spend any extra amount of money to purchase a navigation device. But various times, it so happens that a non-techie user is not able to handle the technical updates and other things which a device requires. Also, these devices require constant navigation Toyota map updates so that consumers use it without any flaw. And also users face problems after they have ordered Toyota navigation map updates and various times they are not able to track their order and hence they face difficulty while receiving the order. So if you also face a similar problem then do not hesitate to follow the below-mentioned steps given by technical experts to help you out in times like this.

Steps to track your order

  • Firstly go to the official site of Toyota.
  • On the right side of your screen, click on FAQ to check the navigation Toyota map updates.
  • After that click on the circle mentioning “I already ordered a map update”.
  • And if you haven’t yet received the Toyota navigation map updates then click on the option “I have ordered a map update but did not receive it yet”.
  • Now, you have to tap on the circle mentioning “want to know order status”.
  • After that, on the right side of your screen, click on “order status”.
  • The page will ask you to enter the right credentials such as “tracking number”.
  • If you are unable to find it, then go to the confirmation mail which you got after you purchased the update. The mail contains the Tracking number and from there copy paste it.
  • After entering the right credentials you will be able to track down the details of your order and why it has been delayed.

We hope these steps helped you while solving your problem if you do not know how to navigation Toyota map updates and haven’t yet received the updated maps.

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