How to Perform the Toyota Entune Update?

How to Perform the Toyota Entune Update

Toyota is a provider of unique and powerful devices which helps the users in traveling around the world and it also assists the users in performing the activity without any kind of problem. They also help the users in knowing about the road and routes that they travel on the daily basis and they also help the users with the shortest route towards their destination.

As the routes keep on developing on a daily basis, the Toyota GPS keeps on providing updates for the device that they offer. In this blog, we are going to talk about the steps that would help you in the process to perform the Toyota Entune Update. It is an effective device and it also helps the users in traveling with style and comforts them with its features.

Some of the features of Toyota Entune

  1. It allows the pairing of the device such as phone and tablets
  2. You can connect your device with Bluetooth
  3. Entune App Suite is an effective feature
  4. It provides data services
  5. You can enable voice recognition
  6. It has integrated navigation
  7. You get access to music
  8. It also helps you with safety connect

So these features depict that if you are looking for some device for your car with numerous features along with GPS then, Toyota GPS is the one you must go with.

Steps to Update Toyota Entune

  • You need to make sure your car is turned on and then turn on the audio system.
  • Now, you must select the apps button which will bring you to the dash.
  • After that, you need to insert the USB stick into the USB port.
  • You need to wait for sometime and you will see that the screen will prompt you to update the software.
  • Here, you must select Yes then choose Confirm for the process to continue
  • Once, you are done with these steps, your screen will go black for a few seconds. Do not Panic
  • Make sure that you do not turn off your vehicle or attempt to drive your Toyota during this time.
  • As the system has updated it will ask if you would like to reinstall the package.
  • Here, you must select No and remove the USB stick.

So, these are the steps that would help you in the process and it would also allow you to perform the Toyota Entune Update with ease.

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